Your best orthodontic experience yet. What are you waiting for?

The VPro+™, from Propel Orthodontics’ VPro Series, is the first and only product that supports you during active orthodontic treatment all the way through retention. The VPro+ operates at a high frequency, delivering gentle vibrations to improve your orthodontic treatment. Requiring only 5 minutes per day of wear, PROPEL VPro delivers major clinical benefits, that help give patients the beautiful smile of their dreams!

More Efficient Aligner Seating

A properly seated aligner results in faster treatment.

Relieves Orthodontic Pain

Just 5 minutes a day can reduce orthodontic pain during the active phase of treatment with either braces or aligners, enhancing your Orthodontic experience

Fast Track Retention

PROPEL VPro accelerates the goal of retention, reaching stable occlusion by:

  • Increasing bone density faster
  • Promoting faster relaxation of PDL fibers when consistently used in the first months of retention
  • Decreasing relapse when worn consistently

Ask us about the VPro at your next visit!