Patient Testimonials

s-smile2.jpg"Without doubt the office of Dr. Marcus and his wonderful staff are outstanding in so many many ways. My two teenage daughters were treated at this office. One daughter was 3 years ago and my other daughter is in the final stages. I have two more on deck and needless to say we will be paying Dr. Marcus a visit. Dr. Marcus sat with us each time and went through our options and the procedure with clear and concise information, no frills or empty promises. He is to teeth what Steve Jobs was to Apple... He knows his stuff and is even aware of what the rest of the world is doing or advancing with orthodontics. Just ask him. One of my daughters procedure took a while longer than anticipated and with the patience (or lack thereof) of a teenager she was getting frustrated. Enter Dr. Marcus with a new and advanced procedure for stubborn teeth and "Wal Lah" ...the teeth did what they were supposed to do…straighten up."

"Dr. Marcus can and does what most adults can't do, make a teenager smile and I mean that big toothed, wide mouthed, eye twinkling smile. He is a gifted Orthodontist, akin to genius, and knows his job while never failing to listen and address the concerns of patients and parents. Here are some of the ingredients I have seen him and his staff use in their success as probably the best Orthodontic Office in the Bay Area and beyond. Skilled, Informative, Conscientious, Honest, Patient, Kindness, Knowledgeable, Clean, Friendly, Modern Equipment, Local community sponsor, etc.etc.etc. Keep up the incredible work... It works !. We would and have highly recommended this office for all your Orthodontic needs. If your want first class treatment in more ways than one. look no further."   L. Maguire - February 2015

"We are so happy with the boys smile! WE have been getting a lot of compliments! Thank you for being an excellent orthodontist!" John & Linda Muhawieh - 2015

"After receiving three complaints today on my charming smile, I couldn’t help but be thankful for all the time & effort you put into my smile." Matthew Carruthers

"Thank you Dr. Marcus for “ALL” the support & sponsorship for kids sports in Millbrae."  Lorraine Maguire - 5/15/13

"Dr. Marcus - You have such a great staff. Every person here is helpful, kind and excuses positive energy. We appreciate your care and time to make it this way." Chris Dorr - 6/2012

"You are doing very well, there is nothing better you could do because your the best. I’m very impressed."
Madeline, Age 9 - 6/18/12

"Thank you so much for Danielle's beautiful smile. Her teeth are gorgeous thanks to you. As a parent, I had an equally fabulous experience with Dr. Marcus. He was always well prepared, organized and thorough. He has a great way with the teens and Danielle felt totally at ease at every appointment. I love how Dr. Marcus is always on the cutting edge of technology and his patient appreciate parties are always a hit. If I had to go to an ortho again, I wouldn't think twice in choosing Dr. Marcus. He is the best!!!! I would highly recommend him!!"  Michele Z. - May 2012

"Dr. Marcus is a phenomenal orthodontist who is extremely knowledgeable, skilled, and interacts well with his patients. He is very dedicated and committed to insuring that he achieves the perfect smile. He also has a wonderful sense of humor, and it is always a pleasure to come to his office. Great staff and he was the only one who was able to get my daughter to do impressions." Janice Freeman 3/2012

"Dr. Marcus is a fabulous orthodontist. He is the only bay area orthodontist recommended by one of the arguably best orthognathic surgeons in the world, Dr. Arnett in Santa Barbara. I am cursed with lifelong jaw problems (thanks mom!) and went to Dr. Arnett after 15 years and 2 previous unsuccessful surgeries with a different surgeon. I won't lie, I looked a mess. Dr. Arnett entrusted my care to Dr. Marcus. I had my third surgery in April of 2010. Between the two of them, my jaw is stable and has been stable for the past two years. My teeth touch, I can chew, no more headaches. I know most people can't imagine this, but I haven't been able to bite into a sandwich in almost 20 years, and now I can. Do you think you might need orthognathic surgery? Well here is your orthodontist. What? You live over the bridge and the commute makes you sad face so you'd rather work with Joe Schmoe up the street? You would be sadder to have to redo the surgery (trust me on that one) - suck it up. Go see Dr. Marcus, listen to his recommendations for care and which surgeons to use (he's dealt with all of them), and be assured you are in good hands."

"As far as regular orthodontics go, I can only imagine Dr. Marcus is stellar at that as well. While many people worry a lot about the bells and whistles that a practice will give them, the most important thing is the skill of the orthodontist. Dr. Marcus is conscientious about keeping up with his continuing education in order to provide the best for his patients. He will provide an honest and fair assessment of you or your child's issues and will treat them appropriately and with a more than fair price for the quality of the work."  Charlene N. - February 2012